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Triple W Properties Inc. has newer 2 bedroom - 1 bathroom apartments available for rent in Sterling, IL and Dixon, IL. Each location has 4 units and comes equipped with a garage and garage door opener. Apartments are located near schools, grocery stores, and recreational centers. If you are interested in one of our 2 bedroom apartments fill out and return our application and someone will be in touch with you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Triple W Properties.

2 Bedroom
1 Bath


Price: $690

Amenities Include:




Garbage Disposal

W/D Hook-Up

Garbage Pick-up

Garage w/opener


1 year lease and $500 security deposit required

* Tenants are allowed to have 1 cat.
No other pets are allowed.

* These units are NON-SMOKING

Locations of Apartments:


1834 1st Ave.

Sterling, IL  61081


1836 1st Ave.

Sterling, IL  61081


2002 3rd Ave.

Sterling, IL  61081


2004 3rd Ave.

Sterling, IL  61081


2006 3rd Ave.

Sterling, IL  61081


2008 3rd Ave.

Sterling, IL  61081


1145 Middle Rd.

Dixon, IL  61021

Please fill out our application and we will contact you once we have received it. If you have questions, contact us.

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